Stop Trying To Make Fetch Happen!

Starting a new job has been crazy! Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome. I love my new job and am excited about what I’m doing. Any change in one aspect of our lives can create ripples throughout and I have been feeling it. One change has been my exercise routine. I LOVE working out! I fall off routines like everyone but I never stay inactive for more than a few weeks. When I started my job, I met the co-owner of my local The Bar Method at a networking event. I’ve done barre workouts in the past and was OBSESSED!!

I was really excited to have a studio near my office so signed up. Initially, I struggled getting into a routine because I got sick. Thankfully, it wasn’t the flu. When I FINALLY felt better I decided to become a morning exerciser despite the fact that I have NEVER been a morning person. I had the best of intentions. I’ve read a ton of articles about how the most successful people are early morning exercisers and liked that it would free up my evenings. So I started scheduling 7am workouts at The Bar Method and proceeded to cancel at the last minute regularly. Sometimes I cancelled because I didn’t sleep well the night before. Other times I slept so well I wanted to stay in bed longer. Sometimes I would reschedule for later in the day but more often than not I didn’t and felt badly about it.

Yesterday, it hit me. Why am I doing this? Why am I trying to force something that’s just not working? I do great at working out in the evening. Why fight that? I decided to stop trying to make fetch happen!

Stop trying to make fetch happen

Last night, I went to class after work and am doing the same tonight. I set up my Club Bar membership and scheduled 3 evening workouts for next week. I already feel less stressed and less pressure. I am super excited to get back into a routine that works for ME even if it’s not what works for Sheryl Sandberg, Oprah, and Anna Wintour. Stay tuned for how I do with my exercise routine AND for updates on my progress with coding! I’ll be getting more into that now that I have…. a BRAND NEW MacBook Pro!!!! So much fun and exciting change right now!


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