You can go shave your back now…

This is a rare double post week ya’ll but I have something to say! So as you know I took a new job this year working in Business Development. I regularly get calls and emails, even drop ins, from people of various industries selling their services. They always want to meet with our owner as well but I am the gatekeeper.

Yesterday, I got an email from a guy who didn’t even bother to address it with my name but rather chose a generic salutation. That’s not the problem. I’m sure he wanted to Copy and Paste. The problem is the greeting he chose to begin with. Rather than ‘To Whom This May Concern’ or a simple ‘Good Morning,’ this guy chose ‘Dear Sir.’ Really dude? Do you still think only men are in the workforce or do you just think only men are decision makers?? Either way, you’re dead wrong. My boss by the way, is a woman. In fact, we are an all female firm.

This irritated me but I felt so much better after the uplifting women’s networking lunch I went to that afternoon (and blogged about). A guy friend asked me that morning what I had planned and I mentioned this luncheon. Later, he asked how my day went. I told him how much I LOVED the speaker, to which he responded, ‘what did he talk about?” He knew this was a women’s lunch, why assume the speaker was a woman?! It makes zero sense. I was so disappointed in him, he’s a young guy, he should know better. Aren’t millennial men supposed to be more evolved? I guess not…

Anyway, I just find it super frustrating to still see this kind of thing. Obviously, it’s not a HUGE deal. It’s not sexual harassment or assault but it’s sexist and annoying and I needed to rant about it so there you go. Have you ever had something like that happen to you? How do you handle it?

bye jason

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