She’s the queen bee. The star.

Today I went to the Diamond League monthly luncheon in Southlake. The Diamond League is a professional women’s networking group that just started last year and I’m OBSESSED with it. It is such a fun group of awesome ladies who support each other in business. Every month there is a different speaker and this month was Donna Arp Weitzman. She is an author, speaker, dating expert, and podcast host. She is also hysterically funny and incredibly smart. So basically, she is #goals.

RG flawless

She talked about relationships, her impressive career, and marketing/branding. It was exciting to learn from a woman who has lived so many lives. She is a former Mayor of Colleyville and owned 3 real estate firms before she even started writing books. She also managed to have a family along the way. So often you hear “you can’t have it all.” But this is someone who has somehow made it work. It’s not perfect of course, she divorced and remarried, but nothing is.

She also got me really excited again about coding. Seeing someone who started over so often, and late in life, made me realize, I have plenty of time. All of my dreams about starting my own business are totally reasonable and not at all unrealistic, because she did it. Repeatedly. I don’t think we always realize how important it is to see other people do what we want to do. And most importantly, to see other WOMEN do it. Representation is so important. If you don’t see it, how can picture yourself doing it?

I’m thankful for all the #BossBabe ladies who came before me for showing us all it can be done. So basically, I guess this blog is just a big #WCW to Donna and all the other female leaders out there. In a time where we are hearing about so many women getting taken advantage and sharing their #MeToo stories, it’s important to remember we are also out there kicking butt and taking names.


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